The Master of Accountancy program is a multiple track program designed to prepare accountants for the rapidly changing expectations of the profession. The program has four tracks: Professional Accounting, Financial Accounting/Auditing, and Tax. The program also includes the option for development of an individualized program of study. Completion of the Professional Accounting track or the Financial Accounting/Auditing track will enable students to pursue CPA licensure in states requiring 150 semester hours.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Accountancy degree consists of 30 semester hours (10 graduate classes) of course work. The 30 hours are divided into two components: required classes and elective classes. Required courses vary depending on what track you are enrolled in.

Four Program Tracks

  • Professional Accounting, for students with an undergraduate degree in an area other than accounting (e.g. English, Mathematics, Nursing, Biology, Business, etc.) who wish to become professional accountants and prepare for the CPA exam.
  • Financial Accounting/Auditing, for accounting majors who wish to become CPAs.
  • Tax, for CPAs and non-CPAs who wish to specialize in taxation.
  • Individualized, for students who wish to design a concentration based on a personal or professional interest. Graduates of the Master of Accountancy Program should be qualified for careers and advancement in taxation, public accounting, managerial accounting, and corporate financial accounting.

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